The future of self-driving

Cruise is building self-driving vehicles to improve life in our cities. They’re safe, shared, and all-electric. Join us as we transform transportation.

Origin Sunny Street

Radar made for deep learning

Our Hardware team pioneers the development of radar systems engineered for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Alongside our complementary sensor suite of LiDAR, cameras, and acoustic sensors, our radars enable Cruise AVs to detect objects and their velocity with high precision.

Vehicle suddenly backs up in SF.
Pedestrian video still

Building the connective tissue

Our Embedded Systems team optimizes high-speed analog and digital processing of radar data. By building the software that connects users and producers of the data, our AVs are able to navigate San Francisco’s complex urban environment.

Cruise Munich radar on Cruise AV.
Two first-generation Cruise AVs drive through downtown San Francisco
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